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TE Connectivity Chipconnect Internal Faceplate-to-Processor Cable Assemblies

TE Connectivity's Chipconnect internal faceplate-to-processor cable assemblies enable Intel’s Omni-Path Architecture for data centers and high-performance computing. The cables reduce design cost by mating directly to the processor socket to provide 25 Gbps per lane to the faceplate over the cable, rather than routing through costly, low-loss PCB materials. Assemblies are offered in various lengths and with straight and right-angle linear edge connectors that connect to the LGA 3647 socket, and one- or two-port versions are available, providing up to 8 high-speed data lanes. TE Chipconnect uses TE’s 85 Ω TurboTwin cables, which include latching mechanisms to secure the connection.

  • Reduces host board trace lengths and PCB cost
  • Straight and right-angle (left/right exit) LEC receptacles
  • LEC receptacles for LGA 3647 socket P1 (A receptacle) and P0 (B receptacle)
  • Data lanes: 4x (one port), 8x (two port)
  • Bail latch with pull tab on LEC plug and spring latching on IFP plug
  • Cable: 85 Ω, 30 AWG TurboTwin 25 Gbps primary pair cable

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