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TE CONNECTIVITY High-Speed Data (HSD) Connector | New Product Brief

July 19, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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TE CONNECTIVITY High-Speed Data (HSD) Connector

TE Connectivity High-Speed Data (HSD) Connectors are designed for high-speed data transmission to meet industrial and commercial transportation application requirements with a number of different configuration options. Connector configuration options include male or female gender selection, right-angle or straight plugs or headers, ground shielded pin headers, 9 different mechanical key configurations, unique color-coding, and sealed or unsealed options. These high-speed data connectors can be leveraged in multifunction displays, media gateways, head units, instrument cluster displays, and infotainment modules. The environmentally sealed HSD components can also be used for external camera connections or other exposed operator situational awareness devices like RADAR or LIDAR modules. These connectors are also suitable for applications requiring high-frequency communications and related EMC immunity. 

  • TE Connectivity High-Speed Data (HSD) Connectors
    • Industrial and commercial transportation applications
  • Connector configurations
    • Female or male
    • Right-angle or straight plugs/headers
    • Ground shielded pin headers
    • 9 different mechanical key configurations
    • Unique color-coding
    • Sealed or unsealed
  • Used in
    • Multifunction displays
    • Media gateway
    • Head units
    • Instrument cluster displays
    • Infotainment modules
  • Environmentally sealed HSD connectors used in 
    • External camera connections
    • RADAR or LIDAR modules
  • High-frequency communications
    • Related EMC immunity

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