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TE CONNECTIVITY Smart Current Sensor | Featured Product Spotlight

December 01, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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TE CONNECTIVITY Smart Current Sensor

TE Connectivity’s HARTMAN Smart Current Sensor is a multi-function programmable sensor and circuit breaker for use in power distribution, load shedding, reverse current protection and circuit protection in commercial and military aircraft as well as military ground vehicles. 

The HARTMAN Smart Current Sensor is pin configurable and has thermal trip curves that match those of 200A, 300A, or 400A thermal breaker trip times.  They also have the option to disable the thermal trip curve functionality.  The sensor can monitor loads from -20A to +600A and it provides a 0.5V to 4.5V analog output, with ±3.5% full scale accuracy and 6.45mV/A sensitivity.  The device also offers a pin configurable reverse current trip.  The wide application range allows designers to use a single part across more applications, leading to reduced costs and reduced inventory management.  

The HARTMAN Smart Current Sensor also offers enhanced safety functions.  It provides a built-in overload detection status as well as overcurrent protection for the external relay coil, which is rated for a 10A, 200msec pickup current and a 0.75A hold current.  This additional functionality reduces part count as well as design complexity, size, and weight.  All pin configurable functions and status outputs are provided over a 15-pin D-Sub connector, and the sensors have the option to hard mount to a contactor or use in a standalone configuration.   

The sensor meets DO-160 environmental and EMI requirements for reliable operation in harsh environments.  It operates from a 16V to 32V supply at temperatures from -40°C to +85°C.  To learn more about TE Connectivity’s HARTMAN Smart Current Sensors, visit

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