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CC2640R2F SimpleLink Microcontrollers

TI’s CC2640R2F SimpleLink Ultra-Low Energy Wireless MCUs integrate an ARM Cortex-M3 and RF core to support Bluetooth 4.2 and Bluetooth 5 low energy applications. The goal of the MCU is to allow for longer range and higher data rates in connected devices.  

CC2640R2F MCUs have very low active current and low-power modes, allowing long-term operating from coin cell batteries or use in energy harvesting applications. The MCUs have an ultra-low power sensor controller that collects external sensor data autonomously, allowing the rest of the system to sleep until action is required.  

The devices offer 128 KB of flash, with the Bluetooth stack stored in ROM to maximize flash availability.

CC2640R2F are pin compatible with CC2640 QFN packages for easy upgradability, and the CC2640R2F is available in a die-sized BGA for the most space-constrained applications.

  • Compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 and 5
  • ARM® Cortex® -M3 @ up to 48 MHz
    • EEMBC CoreMark® Score: 142
  • Memory: 128 KB Flash, 28 KB system SRAM, 8 KB cache SRAM
  • Supports OTA upgrades
  • GPIOs: Up to 31
    • 2.7 x 2.7 mm DSBGA with 14 GPIOs

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