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Texas Instruments CC3120

TI's CC3120 SimpleLink Wireless Network Processor uses a dedicated ARM Cortex-M3 MCU with Wi-Fi and Internet protocols implemented in ROM, and it can be used with nearly any host MCU to handle all aspects of Wi-Fi functionality. This simplifies the implementation of low power Internet connectivity for IoT applications by offloading all of the development and all of the processing to this one chip. It also allows designers and developers to add Wi-Fi without any expertise in networking protocols or RF design.

The CC3120 enables you to add low power Wi-Fi without rewriting your existing code. All you have to do is add the provided driver, which is written in strict ANSI C and requires minimal porting to your development environment. It can run with 8- 16- or 32-bit MCUs at any clock speed, because there are no real-time dependencies or performance requirements and the communication happens over SPI or UART.

The CC3120 is Wi-Fi Alliance Certified and allows developers to save further time and money using the WFA Derivative Certification Policy. This policy allows the use of the Wi-Fi certified logo without performing your own WFA certification tests.

The CC3120 also implements full network, code, and data security. For networking security this includes personal and enterprise Wi-Fi security, an HTTPs server, and TLS and SSL sockets, while passwords and certificates are encrypted to protect your code and data as well as protect against cloning the device.

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