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Toshiba N-Channel 650V Power MOSFET

Toshiba’s TK040N65Z is a 650V n-channel enhancement mode power MOSFET in Toshiba’s DTMOS VI series and is designed to improve efficiency in high speed switching power supplies. The MOSFET supports continuous drain current up to 57A, and pulsed drain current up to 228A, with a 33mΩ typical RDS(ON). It also offers lower gate charge for faster switching and has a 40% lower figure of merit compared to previous DTMOS devices. This enables designers to improve efficiency in applications such as server power supplies, power conditioners in photovoltaic generators, and uninterruptible power systems. The TK040N65Z is available in a standard TO-247 package for seamless integration in new and existing designs.

  • VDSS: 650V
  • Drain current: 57A continuous, 228A pulsed
  • RDS(ON): 0.033Ω typical, 0.04Ω max
  • Total gate charge (Qg): 105nC
  • Gate-drain charge (Qgd): 27nC
  • Package: TO-247

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