Join AAC’s Sister Site——at Its First Ever Control Automation Day

May 18, 2022 by Kimber Wymore

Held on June 21st, Control Automation Day 2022 will zero in on PLC systems and be packed with keynote addresses, educational live sessions, and exciting giveaways from your favorite manufacturers.

As you might be aware, All About Circuits (AAC) has an annual event called "Industry Tech Days." Following the success of our Industry Tech Days event, our sister site, Control Automation, is launching its first-ever one-day virtual event—Control Automation Day 2022 on June 21st.

Joined by leading vendors, manufacturers, and integrators of programmable logic control (PLC) equipment, this event hopes to spur a day full of education, insights, and chances for giveaways from some of your favorite brands.


Control Automation's Control Automation Day 2022 kicks off on June 21st, 2022.

Control Automation's Control Automation Day 2022 kicks off on June 21st, 2022.


Though these systems are fairly standard, it is still important to continue developing new skills and learn about the new technology consistently popping up. 

Because PLC systems continue to rank as of the most popular content types on Control Automation, it's essential to keep an eye on industry leaders and trends to learn about new products and improve maintenance and troubleshooting skills for day-to-day operations. 

Hosted by EETech's electrical and mechanical engineering teams, the keynote addresses and sessions with live Q&A will deliver the most exciting trends and information to help you solve problems, achieve future goals, and have some fun at the same time.

We aim to provide valuable insights for everyone, regardless if you're a student, entry-level engineer, or seasoned control automation veteran.

Read on to see a brief highlight of the two keynote speakers.


Keynote Speaker #1—Dan DeYoung

The first keynote speaker to be featured on the first-ever Control Automation Day is Dan DeYoung, the Global Business Director for Control and Visualization at Rockwell Automation. 


Join Dan DeYoung at the Control Automation Day, 2022. 

Join Dan DeYoung at the Control Automation Day, 2022. 

At this event, Dan will be talking about PLC customer and industry trends in the marketplace from a macro and micro level, the future roadmap for PLC technology, and guidance on when to (and when not to) upgrade a system.


Keynote Speaker #2—Massimo Banzi

The second keynote speaker for this one-day virtual event is Massimo Banzi, the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Arduino.


Hear Massimo Banzi's keynote on June 21st, 2022. 

Hear Massimo Banzi's keynote on June 21st, 2022. 


Massimo will talk about the exciting new pro series of Arduino designed for machine control, along with the product designs and features that enable smaller companies to design solutions with open-source abilities. This open-source capability is often an uncommon feat within industrial environments.


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Spend the day with Control Automation and encourage your team to participate as we help to build a better future for engineers, their organizations, and beyond.
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