Day 3: Accelerating Ahead of Automotive Design with Autonomous Racing

September 02, 2020 by Kate Smith

Day 3 is packed with even more Live Sessions, content pages, and one very special keynote that brings some sensational applications into Industry Tech Days.

Welcome to Day 3! Industry Tech Days continues to gain momentum as we start out another day of Live Sessions and industry content from experts across the globe. Here are a few highlights from yesterday befor we talk about what awaits you today.

Day 2's Keynote was a fantastic conversation between our intrepid host Dave Finch and Professor Anant Agarwal, the CEO and Founder of online learning platform edX. This is a can't-miss keynote that I was personally excited to share with the community because of Professor Agarwal's commitment to bringing quality electrical engineering education into the online space. Check out his edX course on electronic circuits and be sure to check out the on-demand video of the session.

Yesterday, C&K's Live Session titled "Data Collection Demands from 5G/IoT/IoMT Connected Medical Devices" was a hit with registrants, so check that out on demand! I had the pleasure of conversing with Roger Bohannan and Adam Krol about the role that electromechanical switches play in medical devices and the various challenges that designers face when developing data collection devices. If you've got a minute to spare, I highly recommend you give this session a listen.

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Keynote: "How Motorsports Are Accelerating Product Development for Next-Gen Automotive Applications" 

By Lucas di Grassi, CEO of Roborace and international Formula E driving champion, and Bryn Balcombe, Chief Strategy Officer of Roborace

This morning starts off with something different. If you haven't heard of Roborace before, the broad strokes are that it is a racing circuit that pits electric, autonomous vehicles against one another on the racetrack. Today we have the CRO of that event, Lucas di Grassi, as well as the Chief Strategy Officer at Roborcae to discuss the various challenges designers have faced in this racing setting and why it's so imporatnt to bring publica awareness to these emerging technologies.



Check out this session here.


Wednesday's Live Sessions

We've had over 20 Live Sessions so far this week with another 10 starting at 8 a.m. Eastern:

If you make it to a live airing of a Live Session, you could be the lucky winner of one of our prize packages (which include a t-shirt, a soldering mat, and a dev board). If you can't make it to a live aiting, that's ok! You can catch up with the on-demand video later.

Today marks the middle of Industry Tech Days and we have a lot to share with you today. Don't forget that you can navigate by conference track using the filtering system for our event content. Enjoy!