Microchip's new solutions can detect hand gestures in free space.

Microchip Technology just announced an addition to its Human Interface Solutions portfolio: the MTCH6303--an innovative, turnkey projected-capacitive touch controller for touch pads and screens--brings familiar hand gestures like zooming and pinching to embedded design. 

Microchip's sensors are poised to bring about technology that resembles something out of Minority Report: the MTCH6303 solution has the ability to support 3D hand gestures--which means it detects when users are interacting with it via natural hand and finger movements in free space, like conducting a technological orchestra. Designers can create interface controls that can not only be directly touched, but can be commanded from afar. The MTCH6303 comes with ready-to-go touch and gesture solutions for everything from home automation to office equipment. 



“Microchip offers exciting new options for customers to enhance their user-interface designs with innovative gesture control and multi-touch, using the new MTCH6303 turnkey projected-capacitive touch screen controller,” said Dr. Roland Aubauer, director of Microchip’s Human-Machine Interface Division. “Designers can develop touch screens with noise-robust performance, fast and smooth finger tracking, high signal levels and the ability to add 3D gesturing.”

The MTCH6303 uses Microchip's Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Development Kit, which comes with free software. There's no doubt about how compelling this news is, as it heralds a future that can detect human interfacing without direct contact. Soon, we'll be living in a world in which everything from our appliances to our cars can detect when our hand gestures are controlling them and respond accordingly.


SOURCE: Microchip