The 2021 AAC Holiday Song Collection

December 24, 2021 by Kate Smith

Have you ever been enjoying traditional holiday music and wished it had more electrical engineering? Boy, have we got an album for you!


This holiday season, get the engineers in your life the gift of music.

Our collection of holiday songs will lighten your spirits and confuse your non-engineer friends and families as they ask, “What is this? What happened to the Perry Como playlist?”

Enjoy classics such as:


“O TannenBOM”

O TannenBOM, O TannenBOM
How lovely is your parts list
O TannenBOM, O TannenBOM
How lovely is your parts is

Your total cost is starting to climb
Why does every part have such long lead times?

O TannenBOM, O TannenBOM
How lovely is your parts list


“(There’s No Law Like) Ohm for the Holidays”

Oh! There’s no law like Ohm’s for the holidays!
For resistors from Amphenol, Vishay, or ROHM
When you want most to characterize those volts on your list
For measuring resist, you can’t beat Ohm sweet Ohm!


“GaNta Claus Is Coming to Town”

You’d better switch fast
Your bandgap better be wide
You’d better have a high breakdown voltage
I’m telling you why
GaNta Claus is coming to town


“Layout Layout Layout (I Made You in OrCAD)”

I have a PCB layout
I made you in OrCAD
And if the prototype board I spun fails
I'll be very sad


“Last Christmas”

Last Christmas, I ordered a part
The very next day, there was a supply chain delay
This year, to save me from tears
I’ll design with a drop-in replacement


“Carol of the EV Battery Cells”

Hark the EV battery cells
Lithium-iron-phosphate EV cells
One begins to see
Designs for OBCs
Charging stations everywhere
Range anxiety fills the air
BMSs appear
EVs are here


“Rockin' Around the DSP”

Rockin’ Around the DSP
Noise reduction’s underway
Grab your favorite digital IC
Or maybe an FPGA
Rockin’ Around the DSP
Let the audio engineers sing
Later we’ll use an FFT
And we’ll do some filtering


Also hear the dubious musical stylings of the AAC staff for other new classics:

  • “Hark! The Ham Radio Angels Sing”
  • “You’re a Mean One, Mr. EMI”
  • “Feliz NavidADAS”
  • “Here We Come A-soldering”
  • “All I Want for Christmas Is an 80 V Benchtop Power Supply”
  • “Joy to the World! (We’re Under Budget)”
  • On the 12 Days of Christmas, an EE Gave to Me…

Yes, this collection of sure-to-please pseudo-classics are the perfect addition to your holiday traditions. For the low, low cost of $4,999.99, you can enjoy all of the industry-specific painful puns the AAC editorial staff can dream up.



Available in stores now. Just look for the painfully garish orange cover!

May cause mild to moderate irritation. Not recommended for use.

Happy holidays, everyone! Thank you for being the best darn community on the web.

**Editor’s note: No, we didn’t really record these.