HT39 Multimeter

HT Instruments - HT39

HT39 model perform basically AC/DC TRMS voltage measurements, DC/AC TRMS current measurements in totally autorange. AC voltage and current Peak values such important in industrial environments. This model is also provided with RS-232 interface for PC connection and real-time visualization of electrical parameters. In this way (with optional Windows software) recordings values with selectable sample period are possible. The meter is designed for achieve CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V, with Class 2 protection (double insulation), according to EN 61010-1 safety Standard and have a internal fuse protection on input current. HT39 is fitted in a rubber holster for protection by hurts and a practical support for easy to use in horizontal position.

  • Max Current (A): 10 (AC), 10 (DC)
  • Max Voltage (V): 0.001 (AC), 0.001 (DC)
  • Max Resistance (Ω): 40 (AC)
  • Capacitance Measurement: Yes
  • Temperature Measurement: Yes
  • Frequency Measurement: Yes
  • Transistor Test: None
  • Continuity: Yes