Vol. DIY Electronics Projects
Chapter 9 Contributor List

Vol VI. Credits

The following is a partial list of contributors to the current online version of this textbook hosted on All About Circuits. We are indebted to Tony Kuphaldt, the original author, and all those who have given freely of their own knowledge, time, and resources to make this a better book!

Dennis Crunkilton

  • Date(s) of contribution(s): January 2006 to present
  • Nature of contribution: Mini table of contents, all chapters except appedicies; html, latex, ps, pdf; See Devel/tutorial.html; 01/2006.
  • Nature of contribution: CH 4, section: Induction motor, 09/2007.
  • Nature of contribution: CH 4, section: Induction motor, large 02/2010.
  • Contact at: dcrunkilton(at)att(dot)net

Tony R. Kuphaldt

  • Date(s) of contribution(s): 1996 to present
  • Nature of contribution: Original author.
  • Contact at: liec0@lycos.com

Bill Marsden

  • Date(s) of contribution(s): August 2008
  • Nature of contribution: Original author: “555 Schmidt trigger” Section, Chapter 7.
  • Contact at: bill_marsden2(at)hotmail(dot)com

Forrest M. Mims III

  • Date(s) of contribution(s):February 2008
  • Nature of contribution:Ch 5; Clarification concerning LEDs as photosensors.
  • Contact at: FMims(at)aol.com

Typo corrections and other minor contributions

  • line-allaboutcircuits.com (June 2005) Typographical error correction in Volumes 1,2,3,5, various chapters ,(:s/visa-versa/vice versa/).
  • The students of Bellingham Technical College’s Instrumentation program.
  • Colin Creitz (May 2007) Chapters: several, s/it’s/its.
  • Jeff DeFreitas (March 2006)Improve appearance: replace “/” and ”/” Chapters: A1, A2.
  • Don Stalkowski (June 2002) Technical help with PostScript-to-PDF file format conversion.
  • Joseph Teichman (June 2002) Suggestion and technical help regarding use of PNG images instead of JPEG.
  • Michael Warner (April 2002) Suggestions for a section describing home laboratory setup
  • jut@allaboutcircuits.com (August 2007) Ch 1, s/starting/started
  • Unregistered@allaboutcircuits.com (August 2007) Ch 6, s/and and off/on and off/ .
  • Timothy Unregistered@allaboutcircuits.com (Feb 2008) Changed default roman font to newcent.
  • Imranullah Syed (Feb 2008) Suggested centering of uncaptioned schematics.
  • Sylverce@allaboutcircuits.com, Caveman@allaboutcircuits.com (May 2008) Changed image 05320.png to agree with image 05321.png
  • sarwiz@allaboutcircuits.com (April 2009) Ch4, s/Try changed/Try changing/
  • jrap@allaboutcircuits.com (August 2009) added tags to “555 Schmitt trigger”, d_ic.sml .
  • Heavydoody@allaboutcircuits.com (August 2009) correction to image 05198.eps &.png .
  • Dcrunkilton@allaboutcircuits.com (January 2010) added tag to “555 Schmitt trigger”.
  • Bereahorn@allaboutcircuits.com (January 2010) Ch2, s/The less ressistance/ The more resistance.
  • Bill_Marsden@allaboutcircuits.com (April 2010) added new CROSS-REFERENCE to “555 Schmitt trigger”.
  • Dcrunkilton@allaboutcircuits.com (September 2010) Ch6, s/useable/usable/ .
  • D. Crunkilton (June 2011) hi.latex, header file; updated link to openbookproject.net .
  • hillshaveeyes57 (January 2013) Ch8, Hysteretic Oscillator, Swap R3 and R4 with description in parts list.
  • Bill Marsden@allaboutcircuits.com (January 2014) Ch8, s/circuits operation/circuit’s operation.

All About Circuits Engineering and Editorial Team

  • 2023 - update the volume titles to be more descriptive and helpful for an online textbook
  • 2023 - created new, shorter volume summaries
  • 2023 - Major update to volume 6 that included: new titles, new summaries, added figure captions, added alternate text to figures, added step-by-step instruction numbers, rearranged portions to improve readability, added sub-headers, added related content sections for textbook, worksheet, calculator, and other relevant resources.