Friis Transmission Calculator

This calculator computes the power received by an antenna using Friis formula




milliwatts (mW)


The Friis Equation is used to find the ideal power arriving at the receiving antenna given the transmitted power, the signal frequency, travel distance and the gains of the antenna. To use this calculator, just enter the required parameters and press the "calculate" button. 



$$P_{RX} = P_{TX}G_{TX}G_{RX}(\frac{c}{4 \pi D f})^2$$


$$P_{RX}$$ = power arriving at the receiver (watts)

$$P_{TX}$$ = power at the transmitter (watts)

$$G_{TX}$$ = gain at the transmitter (absolute)

$$G_{RX}$$ = gain at the receiver (absolute)

$$c$$ = speed of light  = 3 x 108 m/s

$$D$$ = distance between transmitter and receiver (meters)

$$f$$ = signal frequency (hertz)


Friis equation is useful in calculating the signal power arriving at the receiver. However in actual situations, a signal is composed of different frequencies whereas Friis equation only uses one frequency. Friis equation provides a good approximation of the received signal power if the center frequency is high enough. This is because the difference in received power over the bandwidth at a high center frequency is too small to be significant. 

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