Electrical Noise and Interference

AC Electric Circuits

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  • Question 1

    Define what noise means, in the electrical sense of the word. How does electrical noise compare and contrast with audible noise?

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  • Question 2

    Define the following noise types, according to how each one is generated in electronic circuits:

    Shot noise
    Thermal (“Johnson”) noise
    Flicker (or 1/f) noise

    Also, identify the major factor responsible for the amplitude of each noise type.

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  • Question 3

    What is the difference between white noise and pink noise?

    White noise in the audio range is generally considered to be pleasing to the human ear. Identify one source of “white” noise that anyone can readily experience for themselves.

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  • Question 4

    A common mistake made when installing shielded cable is to connect both ends of the cable’s shield conductor to earth ground:

    Connecting both ends of a cable’s shield conductor to ground creates something called a ground loop. The longer the physical distance between the cable’s ends, the worse the “ground loop” problem becomes. Explain why.

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