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Amphenol ICC Minitek 2.00mm Modular Connectors

Minitek's 2.00mm modular connectors can save up to 38% of PCB space and functions as a complete connector system for board-to-board and cable or wire-to-board connections.

They feature vertical and right-angle configurations, top or bottom entry receptacles, surface mount, through-hole, or pin-in-past headers, low profile and stacking variants, and crimp-to-wire or IDC terminations.

These connectors also offer excellent coplanarity for automatic placement and high-temperature tolerance for reflow soldering. Single and dual row connectors are available with up to 50 positions, and the vibration-tolerant dual-beam contacts can carry up to 2 amps each. 

  • 2.00mm pitch: up to 38% space savings vs 2.54mm pitch connectors
  • Most complete board-to-board and wire/cable-to-board connector system
  • Fully intermateable and modular solution
  • 0.1mm coplanarity facilitates automatic placement
  • High raw material temperature range withstands reflow soldering
  • Single- or dual-row configurations with up to 50 positions

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