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Amphenol ICC Rugged Modular Jacks

Amphenol’s Rugged RJ Panel Mount connectors add IP67 sealing to your design for harsh environments. When you hear “harsh” and “demanding”, you might think of your boss as deadlines approach. That’s because these connectors are comparable in size to standard RJ11 and RJ45 equivalents, meaning you can usually replace existing standard connectors with little to no design changes, and they mate with standard, readily available plugs. Plus, you get the benefits of internal and external flexible silicone rubber seals to provide IP67 sealing over a wide temperature range, and a die-cast metal housing to protect against mechanical damage. Using Amphenol’s Ruggedized RJ connectors in all of those “harsh” and “demanding” applications keep your designs safe.

  • IP67 sealing protects against water, dust
  • Comparable in size to standard RJ11, RJ45 equivalents
  • Mates with existing standard connectors
  • Internal and external seals made with flexible silicone rubber
  • Operating temperature range from -55°C to +105°C for extreme conditions
  • Die cast metal housing protects against shock and vibration while preventing distortion

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