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Analog Devices & Coilcraft Low EMI Solution

Analog Devices' Silent Switcher 2 Regulators together with Coilcraft Power Inductors provide designers a design solution to lower EMI, improve reliability, and enhance safety in automotive and industrial applications.

Many designers don’t consider EMI until their product fails one or more of its various regulatory or customer-specified tests. This is the worst time to discover EMI problems, and typically leads to higher cost fixes, missed schedules, and possibly lost customers. Switching power supplies are one of the most common sources of failure.

Automotive and industrial requirements are much more stringent than typical consumer requirements, as their operating environment are much harsher. More and more electronics are being integrated into automobiles, and a compromised system can endanger life, so it’s important to consider EMI issues early and design accordingly. Analog Devices Silent Switcher 2 Regulators and Coilcraft Power Inductors, together, can help designers avoid EMI problems.

Silent Switcher 2 regulators provide efficiency as high as 95% at a switching frequency of 2MHz. The regulators integrate the bypass capacitors and MOSFETs and offer optional spread spectrum modulation, all of which helps to reduce EMI. This integration also makes it so PCB layout has very little impact on EMI, and the regulators meet CISPR 25 Class 5 requirements. The regulators support switching frequencies up to 3MHz, which allows designers to use smaller inductors and shrink the total design footprint.

Coilcraft’s XEL, XAL, and XFL power inductors are an ideal match for Silent Switcher 2 regulators. The inductors have magnetic shielding to reduce EMI and allow for higher density placement without concerns of radiated noise affecting nearby components. The inductors offer low DC, AC, and core losses to keep efficiency high, and they have soft saturation characteristics to handle high peak currents. The inductors don’t suffer from thermal aging, ensuring consistent performance over the life of the application. Analog Devices Silent Switcher 2 regulators with Coilcraft XEL, XAL, or XFL power inductors enable smaller, more efficient designs. To learn more about each of these products and how they can help you meet EMI requirements, visit


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