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Analog Devices DC2365A Evaluation Boards | New Product Brief

October 15, 2018 by Mouser Electronics

Analog Devices DC2365A evaluation boards are designed for the LTC2358 family of buffered input multichannel ADCs.

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Analog Devices DC2365A Eval Boards

Analog Devices' DC2365A evaluation boards are designed for the LTC2358 family of buffered input multichannel ADCs. The family of ADCs is available in 16- and 18-bit resolution, with up to 8 simultaneously sampled or multiplexed differential input channels, and a max conversion rate up to 800ksps. 

The integrated FET input buffer allows the ADCs to be connected directly to sensors and also provides protection against over-range inputs signals. The ADCs support per-channel configuration of the input voltage span, up to ±15V, on a conversion-by-conversion basis.

The DC2365A evaluation board is designed to work with various Analog Devices data collection boards and PScope software, enabling designers to quickly gather data on AC and DC performance.

  • Evaluation boards for LTC2358 family of SAR ADCs
  • Inputs: up to 8 simultaneously sampled
  • Max conversion rate: up to 800ksps
  • FET input buffers for direct connection to sensors and over-range protection
  • Input Range: individually configurable up to ±12.5V (using external reference)
  • Uses DC590/DC2026 or DC890 data collection boards

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