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AVX 9176-800 Series IDC Connectors

The AVX 9176-800 series IDC connectors are ideal for space-constrained, harsh environment applications requiring a robust wire to-board termination for signal and power. The 9176-800 series is designed with a one-millimeter reduction in z-height and a 50% lower overall volume compared to competing connectors. The series includes connectors for 22 to 28 AWG discrete wires for current ratings up to 6A. Redundant, fatigue resistant contacts provide a gas-tight, cold welded connection to the wire in a simple one-step termination process. Two to four position connectors are rated for 100 volts, while the single position connector is rated for 600 volts and is available in industry standard colors to match individual wires for error-free termination.

  • Wire-to-board connectors for signal and power
  • Z-height reduced by 1.0mm
  • Overall volume reduced by 50%
  • Developed specifically for 22-28AWG discrete wires
  • Voltage rating: 100V (2p-4p) or 600V (1p)
  • 1p connectors available in industry standard colors to match individual wires

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