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AVX TCJ Polymer Series | Tech Specs

February 14, 2019 by TTI, Inc

AVX TCJ and TCM polymer chip capacitors offer very low ESR, a wide range of package sizes, and voltage ratings up to 125 volts.

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AVX TCJ Polymer Series

AVX TCJ and TCM polymer chip capacitors offer very low ESR, a wide range of package sizes, and voltage ratings up to 125 volts. Just as important, though, is that they do not ignite if they fail. The conductive polymer electrode reduces ESR, with the TCJ series offering ESR values as low as 10 milliohms, while the TCM series has a multianode design that lowers ESR even further, as low as 6 milliohms, accommodating higher ripple currents. Capacitors in the two series are available with capacitance values from 0.47 to 1000 microfarads, voltage ratings from 2.5 to 125 volts, and in 18 case sizes ranging from 0805 to 2924. The F38 polymer chip capacitors offer subminiature case sizes of 0402, 0603, and 0805, while the TCN polymer series offers low profile capacitors down 0.6 mm height.

  • Benign failure mode (won’t ignite)
  • ESR: as low as 10 mΩ (TCJ series) or 6 mΩ (TCM series)
  • TCM series multianode design for current up to 8.3 A
  • Capacitance range: 0.47 µF to 2200 µF
  • Voltage ratings; 2.5 V to 125 V
  • 18 case sizes: 0402 to 7361 metric

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