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Cinch Solderless Stacking Connectors

Cinch CIN::APSE Solderless Stacking Connectors use an innovative z-axis compression contact that provides excellent mechanical and electrical performance.

The contact consists of randomly wound gold-plated molybdenum wire that is formed into a cylinder and installed into the connector housing, with the contact extending from both sides.

Standard contacts are .020” and .040” in diameter, permitting extremely lightweight, very high density interconnects. CIN::APSE connectors require minimal compression force to form a connection with low contact resistance and can be used with signals above 20GHz.  

They are also extremely resistant to shock and vibration, extreme temperatures, and harsh environments.

  • Contact: randomly wound, gold-plated molybdenum wire
  • Contact diameter: 0.020” and 0.040” standard
  • Lightweight, high density interconnect solution
  • Low compression force: ~2.5oz minimum per contact
  • Low contact resistance: <15mΩ typical
  • Rugged: 20Gs vibration, 100Gs shock

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