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Infineon Technologies MERUS Audio Reference Boards | New Product Brief

September 18, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

These ICs can output at up to 5 voltage levels instead of 2.

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Infineon Technologies MERUS Audio Reference Boards

Infineon’s MERUS MA120 series reference boards includes proprietary Merus Class D multi-level amplifier ICs. 

These ICs can output at up to 5 voltage levels instead of 2, resulting in high efficiency, improved audio quality, and a smaller size with less reliance on filters. The reference boards have two BTL audio channels rated up to 80W per channel, with the option to configure for PBTL operation.

Analog or digital audio inputs are available, and an onboard regulator allows the boards to operate from a single supply. The power-efficient operation requires no heatsink, and the multilevel technology eliminates the bulky output LC filter, requiring only a small EMI filter for operation.

  • MERUS Audio ICs with multi-level output
    • Higher efficiency, improved audio quality, and smaller solution size
  • Audio channels: 2x BTL or 1x PBTL
    • Output power capability: up to 2 x 80W
  • Audio input format:
    • MA12040 and MA12070 Analog
    • MA12040P and MA12070P Digital (I2S)
  • Supply voltage range:
    • MA12040(P): 5V to 18V
    • MA12070(P): 5V to 26V
  • Heatsink-free operation
    • PCB connection to IC heatsink pad provides sufficient cooling
  • LC filter-free operation
    • Only a small, SMD-sized EMI filter is needed

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