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Microchip PIC32MZDA Series Graphics Applications MCUs

Microchip's PIC32MZDA Series MCUs for advanced graphics applications integrate a graphics controller and a 2D GPU, along with expansive on-chip or external DDR2 memory options. This enables high performance, high-quality GUIs in embedded applications, giving developers microprocessor-like graphics with the ease of MCU development.

The MCU has a three-layer graphics controller that supports up to 24-bit color and can drive displays with resolutions up to 1280 by 1024. The controller supports multiple input and output color spaces and formats for maximum flexibility, and each layer includes configurable alpha blending, stride, and pitch.

The integrated GPU accelerates 2D rendering, blit, and raster operations and has 64-bit bus access to the memory for higher throughput. It also supports full Alpha blending and transparency. Developers can use Microchip’s MPLAB Harmony V2 for fast development of high-quality interfaces. The platform includes a WYSIWYG editor, graphics libraries, widgets, and custom display driver creation capabilities.

For memory, the PIC32MZDA is available with up to 32 MB of integrated DDR2 or a DDR2 interface for up to 128 MB of external DDR2. It's the first MCU to integrate DDR2 and has twice the memory speed of competing MCUs. This allows it to support large graphics buffers, complex communication protocols attacks, and logging and processing large data sets. The use of on-chip memory increases security and performance while reducing design complexity, EMI, and PCB layer count for lower cost solutions compared to external memory.

In addition to the DDR2 options, the MCU also has up to 2 MB of flash and 640 kB of RAM. It integrates a 12-bit 18 MSPS ADC and has a full-featured hardware crypto engine with a random number generator for data encryption and decryption as well as authentication. A smart peripheral means designers can have a single MCU that communicates to multiple bus protocols. The PIC32MZDA is supported by the free MPLAB Harmony Integrated Software Framework as well as the MPLAB X IDE to shorten development time.

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