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Molex Coeur CST High-Current Interconnect System | Tech Specs

March 17, 2020 by TTI, Inc

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Molex Coeur CST High-Current Interconnect System

Molex Coeur CST series sockets are offered in 3.4, 6, and 8-millimeter diameters, with current ratings ranging from 30A to 200A.  All sizes provide an industry-leading 1mm of float to accommodate misalignment for easy mating.

The float allows the entire core socket assembly to move within the housing without adding stress to the contacts or increasing resistance due to contact deflection.  Sockets are offered in press-fit and SMT variants with a pick-and-place cap. CST series male pins are available in various lengths to set stack height.

The pin won’t protrude above the socket with top entry mating, maintaining a low profile and reducing PCB or bus bar clearance requirement. Additionally, the pins are available in screw mount.

  • 3.4mm, 6mm, and 8mm diameter sizes with 30A to 200A current ratings
  • Industry-leading 1.0mm float in all three sizes
  • No added stress on contacts and no resistance increase due to contact beam deflection
  • Press-fit and SMT sockets - pick-and-place cap on SMT sockets
  • Male pins set stacking height: 12.00mm to 31.75mm pin lengths
  • Mated profile as low as ~5.00mm, no pin protrusion above the socket with top entry mating

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