NXP NTAG I2C Plus Explorer Kit

NXP’s NTAG I2C Plus Explorer Kit is a platform for demonstration and development using NXP’s NTAG I2C plus second generation connected NFC tags. The kit includes an antenna board with the NTAG I2C plus IC, which plugs into the explorer board with an onboard LCD, temperature sensor, buttons, and an MCU. The NTAG I2C plus series of ICs provide energy harvesting capable of powering the entire kit from the NFC field and are designed to enable tap-and-go functionality in home automation and consumer applications at the lowest BoM cost. The devices include an I2C interface for bi-directional pass-through communication between the NFC device and the host MCU, with password support and cloning protection.

  • NXP NTAG I2C Plus Explorer Kit
    • Explorer board, antenna board, optional USB NFC reader
    • Android app, Windows Peek and Poke GUI, full firmware source
  • NT3H2x11
    • Up to 2k memory
    • 4x faster pass-through performance vs 1st generation
    • Field detection, energy harvesting

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