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ON Semiconductor NCP1342 Flyback Controller

ON Semiconductor NCP1342 is a highly integrated quasi−resonant flyback controller for that simplifies off-line power converter design. The controller integrates a high-voltage start-up circuit with brownout protection and active X2 capacitor discharge functionality to reduce standby power consumption compared to resistive alternatives, with no-load power below 30mW.  

This device also features rapid frequency foldback and skip mode operation for increased efficiency at light loads, with quiet-skip technology to prevent audible noise. The NCP1342 operates from a 9V to 28V supply and offers many protection features for robust operation, including non-dissipative overpower protection, over temperature shutdown, and overvoltage and overcurrent protection.

  • Integrated High-Voltage Startup Circuit with Brownout Detection
  • Integrated X2 Capacitor Discharge Capability
  • No Load Power Below 30mW
  • Frequency foldback and skip mode for light load efficiency
  • Non-dissipative overpower protection
  • Internal temperature shutdown plus overvoltage and overcurrent protection

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