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SAMA5D2C Xplained Ultra Evaluation Board

Microchip’s SAMA5D2 Xplained Ultra evaluation kit is a fast prototyping and development platform for the SAMA5D2 series of microprocessors. The SAMA5D2 is a secure high-performance, ultra-low-power MPU based on a 500 MHz Arm Cortex-A5 processor with advanced peripherals and security features designed to enable modern, rich user interfaces on battery-powered devices.

Evaluation Board Standout Features: 

  • ATSAMA5D2: ultra-low-power Arm® Cortex®-A5-based MPU at up to 500 MHz
  • ATSAMA5D2: integrated peripherals, interfaces, and security features that support current and future security design requirements
  • 2x 2 Gbit DDR3L SDRAM, 1x 4 Gbit eMMC NAND Flash, SD card slot
  • Interfaces: host USB, device USB, 24-bit RGB LCD, image sensor
  • Ethernet: RJ45 port, 10/100 Ethernet PHY, EEPROM with unique MAC address and serial number
  • Xplained Pro and Arduino R3 (Uno, Due) compatible headers for hardware expansion

The SAMA5D2 microprocessors feature the highest levels of security in the industry, providing an excellent platform for customers to create secured designs. The SAMA5D2 Xplained Ultra includes an on-board debugger, DDR3L and flash memories, and connectors for host and device USB, an LCD display, and an image sensor.

There is also an ethernet port, ethernet PHY, and an EEPROM with a unique MAC address. The SAMA5D2 Xplained Ultra offers Xplained Pro headers as well as Arduino-compatible headers, enabling the addition of hardware based on either interface and access to the leading-edge embedded features of the SAMA5D2 series MPU. For more information, visit Microchip.com


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