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Microchip ATmega4809 Xplained Pro Kit

Microchip’s ATmega4809 Xplained Pro evaluation kit enables rapid prototyping of advanced real-time control systems with the ATmega4809 family of Microcontrollers.

ATmega4809 features:

  • USB Powered
  • On-board programmer/debugger
  • Hardware expansion: 3x Xplained Pro extension headers, 1x mikroBUS™ socket
  • ATmega4809: up to 20MHz, 48KB Flash, 6KB SRAM
  • 16 channel, 10-bit, 150ksps ADC
  • Peripheral Event System for core independent, deterministic inter-peripheral signaling

The kit is USB powered, has an onboard debugger, and works seamlessly with Atmel Studio, making it easy to start developing. It offers three Xplained Pro extension headers and one mikroBUS™ socket for hardware expansion, such as sensors, displays, and connectivity; while a UDFN8 footprint allows users to add on a Microchip CryptoAuthentication™ device.

The ATmega4809 MCU features a high performance, low-power 8-bit AVR® core running at up to 20MHz, with 48 KB of Flash and 6 KB of SRAM. Integrated, intelligent, peripherals decrease system response time and increase reliability while reducing development time and cost. These include a high-speed, 10-bit ADC, on-chip configurable custom logic, safety functions, and a peripheral event system that allows peripherals to communicate independently from the core CPU. For more information, visit Microchip.


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