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SAMTEC ACCELERATE Slim Body Direct Attach Cable Assembly | Featured Product Spotlight

June 01, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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SAMTEC ACCELERATE Slim Body Direct Attach Cable Assembly

Samtec's AcceleRate slim and rugged cable systems support high data rates for use in flyover systems to simplified PCB layout and extend signal reach. The AcceleRate system includes direct attach cable assemblies based on Samtec's thin 34AWG 100Ω EyeSpeed low-skew twinax cable. The cable is directly soldered to the contacts which eliminate the need for a transition board proving signal quality and providing tighter tolerance. This makes Samtec AcceleRate ideal for 56Gbps PAM4 or 28Gbps NRZ signaling applications.

The system features a high-density two-row design with contacts on a 0.635mm pitch. With options for 8 and 16 differential pair options and a 24 pair version under development. Sockets are offered in vertical or right-angle configurations with a rugged design that features metal latching and shielding as well as through-hole reflowable weld tabs.

The cable system also maintains a low connector profile that is less than 16mm for vertical connections and less than 7mm for right-angle connections. This slim body cable is based on Samtec's Proprietary, co-extruded low-loss cable with an ultra low skew of less than 3.5ps/meter. It features a copper alloy twinax shield plus an extra metallized barrier inside a high-temperature extruded jacket that enables operation from -40C to +125C while providing improved signal integrity, bandwidth, and reach needed in high data rate flyover applications.

Flyover cable design simplified PCB layout by eliminating complex PCB routing and the thin cabling used in the accelerated cable assembly improves cable management and airflow, resulting in better performance. To learn more about Samtec's AcceleRate cable system and the performance and thermal advantages it provides in high-speed applications, visit

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