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Molex Overmolded Cable Assemblies 

Molex overmolded off-the-shelf cable assemblies for their FiT Family Connectors gives high-quality cable assembly while cutting out the time for designing, tooling, and building a custom assembly. Molex cable assemblies are available from the tiny 2.5-millimeter pitch Nano-Fit connectors to the Mega-Fit connectors carrying up to 23 amps per terminal, with a range of circuit sizes and cable orientations to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. The connectors have fully isolated terminals to protect against damage during handling and mating and the overmolding reduces mechanical stress on the wires and terminals, while the housings offer positive latches to ensure connectors remain mated.  

  • Overmolded cable assemblies for FiT Family Connectors
  • Pitch as small as 2.5 mm
  • Current rating from 5.0 A to 23.0 A
  • Fully isolated terminals prevent damage during handling, mating
  • Overmolded strain relief
  • Positive latching on housings

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