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3M SlimLine Twin Axial Cable Assemblies | Tech Specs

April 05, 2018 by TTI, Inc

3M's SlimLine Twin Axial cable assemblies are able to bend, fold, and turn while still providing high-speed data.

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3M SlimLine Twin Axial Cable Assemblies

“Bend it, fold it, turn it.” That’s what 3M says about their SlimLine Twin Axial cable assemblies. When you need to fit high-speed data in tight spaces and over long routes, this is the cable you need. Folding or bending the cable doesn’t compromise the signal integrity and has minimal impact on impedance, no more than one or two ohms per fold, and it’s available in 85 ohms for PCIe and 100 ohms for SAS applications. The cable uses 30 or 31 AWG wire sizes, offering an extremely low profile for routing between server components. Combined with its foldability, the 3M SlimLine Twin Axial cable assemblies allow for optimal airflow and maximum system density. Cable assemblies are available in x4 or x8 configurations, with and without sidebands, and with SFF-8654 straight or right-angle connectors.

  • Maintains signal integrity, impedance when folded
  • 1-2 Ω impedance change per fold
  • Suitable for PCIe (85 Ω) and SAS (100 Ω)
  • Signal wire sizes of 30AWG and 31AWG
  • x4 and x8 configurations available, with and without sidebands
  • SFF-8654 straight and right angle varieties

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