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3M 7700 Series Cable | Tech Specs

December 21, 2017 by TTI, Inc

3M's 7700 series cable is flat, foldable, and fast—with the ability to push data at 20 gigabits per second.

In this video series from TTI, we showcase new products and highlight their specs.

3M 7700 Series Cable

3M's 7700 series cable is flat, foldable, and fast—with the ability to push data at 20 gigabits per second. It has a 30 gauge round conductor, polyolefin insulation, and a flexible foil covering providing a controlled 95 Ω impedance. This thin design allows users to maintain high performance signaling with tighter folds than other bulky jacketed shielded cables. With a recommended minimum bend radius of just 0.075°, it can do tight “L” and “S” folds. Users also get tight pitch terminations. 3M’s 7700 series cable can be soldered directly to PCBs at the cable’s 0.025” pitch, or used with 3M’s 451 Series 0.05” pitch IDC connectors for quick installation. With up to 100 conductors available for differential signal pairs, power, and ground, you can use the 3M brand Cable 7700 Series for LVDS applications in automated test equipment, network equipment, and more.

  • Data Rate over 0.25m:
    • Cable only: Up to 20 Gbps
    • Terminated to IDC connector: up to 14 Gbps
  • Controlled Impedance: 95±5 Ω
  • Cable Pitch: 0.025”
  • IDC Connector: 451 Series socket, 452 Series Header
    • 0.050” Pitch
  • Conductors: 10, 14, 16, 20, 30, 50, 100

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