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STMicroelectronics ACEPACK IGBT Modules

STMicroelectronics ACEPACK IGBT Modules are highly integrated power conversion modules for industrial motor drives, solar panels, welding, and power management solutions from 3kW to 30kW. ACEPACK modules are based on ST’s third generation trench-gate field stop 650V or 1200V IGBTs, which offer the best compromise between conduction and switching losses. Modules are available in six-pack and converter-inverter-brake topologies, with current ratings up to 75A. The modules integrate soft and fast recovery diodes as well as an NTC thermistor for temperature sensing and control. ACEPACK modules are optimized internally for low stray inductance and low EMI, offer 2.5kV isolation, and are rated for operation up to 150°C.

  • Converter-in-brake, Sixpack topologies
  • Current rating from 15A to 75A
  • Soft and fast recovery diode
  • Integrated NTC
  • 2.5kV isolation
  • -40°C to +150°C operating temperature

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