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STMicroelectronics 600W TVS Diodes | New Product Brief

September 24, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

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STMicroelectronics 600W TVS Diodes

STMicroelectronics 600W TVS Diodes protect sensitive circuits in high-end equipment and SMPS applications. 

The TVS diodes offer a fast response and feature peak power dissipation up to 600W. They’re designed using planar technology and have exceptionally low leakage current and a high maximum operating junction temperature, providing long-term reliability and stability. 

They are offered with a wide range of stand-off voltages to address many different applications, while low clamping voltages provide a high safety margin to protect sensitive circuits and extend the lifetime of the device. Package options include standard surface mount options and the 1mm high SMA Flat package, which carries the same power rating in a 50% thinner device.

STMicroelectronics 600W TVS diodes are also available with AEC-Q101 qualification.

  • Peak pulse power: 600W (10/1000μs) and 4kW (8/20μs)
  • Low leakage current: 0.2μA at 25°C and 1μA at 85°C
  • Operating junction temperature range (Tj): -55°C to +175°C
  • Stand-off voltages: 3.3V to 188V
  • SMA Flat package: 1mm thickness
    • 50% thinner and more cost-effective than SMB package
  • Available with AEC-Q101 qualification

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