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Littelfuse 8.0SMDJ TVS Diodes | New Product Brief

December 02, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

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Littelfuse 8.0SMDJ TVS Diodes

Littelfuse 8.0SMDJ series TVS diodes protect sensitive electronics in telecom, computing, industrial, and consumer applications from large transients, such as those induced by lightning strikes. The 8.0SMDJ series offers excellent power density, with an 8000-watt peak pulse power rating in a compact DO-214AB package.

The devices provide robust protection to increase reliability, with fast response time, excellent clamping capability, and very low reverse leakage current. The series includes bidirectional and unidirectional configurations with reverse stand-off voltages from 12 to 110 volts.

Littelfuse 8.0SMDJ TVS diodes have a wide negative 65 to positive 150 degrees celsius operating temperature range. The low-profile, surface-mount package allows designers to optimize the PCB layout and is compatible with high-temperature reflow soldering.

  • High power density
    • 8000W peak pulse power dissipation (10/1000µs waveform)
    • Compact DO-214AB package 
  • Robust protection
    • Response time: < 1.0ps typical
    • Reverse leakage: < 5µA for VBR (min) > 22V
  • Unidirectional and bidirectional options
    • Reverse stand off voltage: 12V to 110V
  • Operating temperature range: -65°C to +150°C
  • DO214AB package
    • 0.320mm x 0.245mm x 0.103mm
    • High temperature reflow soldering guaranteed: 260°C/40sec 

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