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TDK-Lambda Medical Products | Featured Product Spotlight

June 26, 2018 by Mouser Electronics

TDK-Lambda’s CUS-M family of medical-grade AC/DC power supplies are high efficiency, high density, low-profile power supplies.

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TDK-Lambda Medical Products

TDK-Lambda’s CUS-M family of medical-grade AC/DC power supplies are high efficiency, high density, low-profile power supplies. The supplies have a thermally optimized and electrically robust design for reliable operation in extended lifecycle products. TDK-Lambda CUS-M power supplies are ideal for medical, industrial, test and measurement, communication, and broadcasting applications.

The family consists of the CUS30M, CUS60M, CUS150M, CUS200M, and CUS350M supplies, with options for convection cooling for silent operation with loads up to 350 W or forced air cooling for up to 420 W. The supplies can operate from -20°C to +70°C, with the CUS150M offering an extended operating temperature of up to +85°C. The supplies are compact, ranging from 2” x 3” for 30 W and 60 W supplies to 3.4” x 7.5” for 350 W. CUS-M supplies are suitable for Class I and Class II installation, and models are suitable for B and BF rated equipment.

TDK-Lambda designed the CUS-M supplies to provide exceptional performance. The family provides conversion efficiency up to 94%, with less than 0.5 W of standby power consumption. The supplies are offered with a single output at popular voltages from 5 V to 48 V, and this output is adjustable by up to 10% to tune to the application’s specific voltage requirements. The supplies also keep leakage current to a minimum at under 0.3 mA.

CUS-M power supplies are certified to IEC60601-1 and IEC60950-1 for use in medical and ITE applications, and they meet Class B limits for conducted and radiated emissions. The supplies meet the requirements for 2x MOPP between input and output and 1x MOPP for input-to-ground and output-to-ground. They’re available with a fan supply from 9.8 V to 12 V and a 5 V standby supply, and there are options for open frame, fitted covers, u-channel construction and a top mounted fan. For additional information, including series-specific datasheets and options, visit

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