In this video series from TTI, we showcase new products and highlight their specs.

CDE Type MLSH Slimpack Capacitors

CDE’s Type MLSH Slimpack capacitors are hermetically sealed aluminum electrolytic capacitors that are lightweight but strong. They’re packaged in a stainless steel case that withstands 80 gs and has a glass-to-metal seal to keep the capacitor from drying out to give them a long service life. In fact, they’re tested to 5000 hours at 125°C at their full rated voltage. Type MLSH caps are available up to 3200 µF and can replace three or more wet-tantalum caps in parallel due to their capacitance retention at low temperatures, especially at -55 °C. You can use Type MLSH caps at up to 125°C without voltage de-rating, unlike wet tantalums which de-rate starting at 85 °C. Their performance over a full temperature range allows for fewer components to be used, resulting in a smaller size, less weight, and improved system reliability, making them a good fit for military and aerospace applications.

  • Capacitance range: 120 µF to 3200 µF
  • Rated Voltage Range: 30 Vdc to 250 Vdc
  • Replaces three or more wet tantalums
  • Lighter than wet tantalum equivalent
  • Withstands 80 g vibrations
  • Temperature range: –55 °C to +125 °C (no derating required)
  • High capacitance retention at low temperature

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