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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS EVM430-FR6047 Evaluation Module (EVM) | New Product Brief

April 09, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS EVM430-FR6047 Evaluation Module (EVM)

Texas Instruments EVM430-FR6047 Evaluation Module demonstrates the performance of the MSP430FR6047 MCU in ultrasonic sensing applications such as smart water meters. The MCU features an ultrasonic sensing analog front end that provides high precision measurements with accuracy that meets or exceeds international standards. 

It’s optimized for extended battery life with a 16-bit RISC architecture, ultra-low-power modes, and a low-energy accelerator that provides fast and efficient vector-based digital signal processing. The evaluation module can be used with transducers from 50kHz to 2.5MHz and has BoosterPack headers to interface with other boards or add an RF communication module.

The board can be programmed and powered via USB and has an onboard segmented LCD to display measurement parameters and a GUI program that allows developers to set parameters and view measurement weight forms.

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