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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS LMG1025-Q1EVM Evaluation Module (EVM) | New Product Brief

February 03, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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Texas Instruments’ LMG1025-Q1EVM evaluation module allows designers to evaluate the switching performance of the LMG1025-Q1 automotive single-channel low-side gate driver in LiDAR applications. 

The LMG1025-Q1 is designed to drive GaN FETs in high frequency and narrow pulse applications with low pulse distortion for longer range and more precise LiDAR systems. The driver also has Schmitt-triggers on the input pins to reduce sensitivity to noise for more robust operation. The evaluation module adds a GaN FET connected to a resistive load that represents a typical laser diode for LiDAR applications. 

This demonstrates the driver’s capability to deliver 1ns to 2ns pulses greater than 50A, with 3ns typical propagation delay and short rise and fall times. The module also serves as a reference layout that has less than 500pH of inductance. 

  • LMG1025-Q1: automotive single-channel driver for narrow pulse applications 
  • Schmitt-trigger type CMOS inputs for robustness 
  • Demonstrates driver capability of 1-2 ns pulses > 50 A 
  • Extremely short propagation delay: 3 ns typical, 4.5 ns max 
  • 550 ps typical rise/fall time 
  • Advanced layout with < 500 pH of inductance 

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