The beloved platform announces a new model set to arrive on June 15th.

The Arduino is the bread and butter of electrical engineering projects and so, naturally, ee enthusiasts everywhere have waited breathlessly for an update to the platform. Arduino has announced the release of Arduino Zero, which will be available June 15th for $49.90

This sassy number is going to be released concurrently with Arduino IDE 1.6.5, which features a host of new features and Arduino Zero support. Arduino isn't releasing too many details until the official release date, but we do know the Zero will allow you to keep the serial monitor open while uploading and lists the last 5 opened sketches in the "Open Recent" menu.

Arduino is a deceptively simple platform that revolutionalized the accessibility of electrical engineering to everyone from tinkerers to advanced engineers. It will be a treat to see the full range of features included in the Zero.


SOURCE: Arduino


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