Day 5: 3 Execs Assess the Global Chip Shortage—A Keynote Panel You Won’t Want to Miss

September 17, 2021 by Kate Smith

The final day of Industry Tech Days 2021 has arrived! Day 5 will deliver some exceptional sessions and conversations, so pull up a seat for the home stretch.

Day 5 of Industry Tech Days 2021 is here and we've saved some exceptional topics for last! We've got a marvelous lineup of Live Sessions and content to wrap us up this week. Be sure to cruise through the event navigation page to catch up on everything that's gone live over the past four days.


Keynote Panel: "The Impact of Chip Shortages on the Electronics Industry"

This is a Keynote we've been eagerly anticipating because it includes not one, not two, but THREE expert voices. We're so proud to welcome these excellent gentlemen to our final Keynote Session of the year:

  • Dave Doherty, President & COO of Digi-Key Electronics
  • Steve Sanghi, Executive Chair of Microchip Technology
  • Michael Knight, Corporate Sr. VP of Business Dev of TTI

Each of these leaders has a unique and valuable perspective on the ongoing chip shortage. This global phenomenon has affected distributors, manufacturers, and designers alike, as well as mass-market industries and end-users. Hear our panel talk back and forth about what they saw in the months leading up to the shortage, the unexpected ways it's impacted our industry, and what we can—and by all rights must—learn from it to make our supply chains more robust in the future.



Check out this session here.


Friday's Live Sessions

Don't miss the final offerings of Industry Tech Days Live Sessions! (the times below are for the Eastern time zone):

Each Live Session represents another chance to win one of our prize packages, which consists of a t-shirt and soldering mat. Your attendance at these events also increases your odds of winning the Digi-Key Electronics Grand Prize: an InstaLab kit full of over $3,000 worth of components, T&M equipment, tools, and more.

But don't sweat it if you can't make it to a live showing! All of the events at Industry Tech Days will also be available on-demand after they air.


Yesterday's Highlights

Day 4 launched with a Keynote from Dr. Jeffrey Welser of IBM Research, a conversation with host Daniel Bogdanoff that spanned several areas of immense technological advancement. Dr. Welser spoke about what IBM Research, one of the most prolific research electronics institutions in the world, has brought from the realm of science fiction into the realm of science—and on into the realm of actual technologies that engineers can use to create systems and devices. 

The Keynote Session, which is now available on-demand here, goes over IBM Research's milestone of a working 2 nm chip, the advent of quantum computing, and the intersection of biology and tech in neuromorphic computing. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this Keynote and I hope you all will, too. 

The day was also jam-packed with a host of Live Sessions from global companies. CUI Inc.'s Bruce Rose gave a fantastic presentation, dense with technical information, in "Design and Selection of EMI Filters and Components" and followed it with an equally valuable live Q&A. AVX's Ron Demcko led a talk in "Creating Set & Forget IoT Modules - A Study of Energy Harvesting, SuperCapacitors and Automatic Buck/Boost Controller IC to Power IoT Nodes" that you should consider checking out, as well. 

This is the last day of Industry Tech Days 2021 and we're so thankful to our community and our industry partners for a strong finish to the week. We'll see you on the virtual show floor!