TDK’s TFM160808ALC Low Loss Thin-Film Metal Inductors

March 30, 2017 by Karissa Manske

TDK introduces a new low loss thin-film metal inductor with high current capability for power supply circuits.

In this News Brief, we look at a new low loss thin-film metal inductor from TDK with high current capability for power supply circuits.

The TFM160808ALC is the update for a previous TFM series, which was introduced four years ago. It contains an improved core material and coil, allowing for 30 percent lower DC resistance than for existing types, with lower losses and higher efficiency over a broad current range. The TFM160808ALC has inductance of 0.47 μH and can handle currents up to 2.6 A. There are plans to expand the series to include inductors with both higher and lower inductances in the future. 

As the market for wearables and handheld devices grows, consumers are looking for more and more features to be included but aren't willing to sacrifice the convenience of small size. Products such as the TFM160808 can help combat the battle between exciting new features and the power and board space they require.


TDK's TFM160808ALC thin-film inductor measures 1.6mm × 0.8mm × 0.8mm.


All About Circuits recently met with TDK's Product Marketing Manager Rafael Perez, who informed us the TFM160808ALC "allows us to create a new part with a smaller size, opening up more space on circuit boards. We can support more demanding applications in the portable device market. The trend for smartphones and other devices is to have more features. This requires more space on the circuit board for other components while still providing long battery life."

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For more information, visit TDK's product catalog (PDF).