Link Budget Calculator

A Link Budget puts into account all gains and losses a signal goes through in a system as it is transmitted. The calculator calculates the power of the received signal given amplifier and antenna gains, and medium loss.


decibels-isotropic (dBi)
decibels (dB)
decibels (dB)
decibels-isotropic (dBi)
decibels (dB)




$$P_{out} = P_{t} + G_{t} - L_{t} - L_{fs} - L_{m} + G_{r} - L_{r}$$




The Link Budget accounts for all factors that affect the transmission of a signal which would include gains and losses from amplifiers, the transmitter, various mediums, up to the sensitivity of the  receiver.  

The link budget is an important value that enables engineers to design systems based on the required sensitivity of a receiver at a particular distance.

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