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CUI Micro Audio Components

CUI’s family of micro audio components provide designers the versatility to add buzzers, speakers, and microphones in space-constrained IoT designs, mobile products, and miniaturized consumer electronics. CUI micro buzzers generate a 2.73kHz or 4kHz tone at sound pressure levels up to 100dB, with surface mount packages as small as 4mm x 4mm. CUI’s micro speakers are rated up to 800mW, providing audio output in a small footprint and low-profile. Speakers are available with spring contacts or wire leads as well as an optional full metal frame. Compact electret condenser microphones provide omnidirectional reception with solder pad, through-hole pin, or wire lead options as well as IP67 rated variants.

  • Micro buzzer: 2.73kHz or 4kHz
  • Micro buzzer packages as small as 4mm x 4mm
  • Micro speakers: up to 800mW power rating
  • Micro speakers: spring or wire contacts, optional full metal frame
  • Microphones: pin, pad, or wire terminations, IP67 rated variants
  • Microphones as small as 3mm diameter or 1.2mm height

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