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HARWIN Kona 8.5mm Pitch High Reliability Power Connector | New Product Brief

April 25, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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HARWIN Kona 8.5mm Pitch High Reliability Power Connector

Harwin Kona 8.5 millimeter Pitch High Reliability Power Connectors are designed to provide maximum power in EVs, UAVs, industrial robotics, and other extreme environment applications. The connectors feature a 6-finger beryllium copper contact design that ensures electrical continuity under heavy shock and vibration, with full gold plating of the contact for durability. They can carry up to 60 amps per contact at up to 3000 volts on an 8.5 millimeter pitch with up to 4 contacts per connector and the contacts are individually and fully shrouded to prevent physical damage and accidental touching. The connectors feature a mate-before-lock design that prevents damage during the locking process, and they use stainless steel thumbscrews for a fast and robust connection. Harwin Kona connectors can operate from negative 65 to positive 150 degrees Celsius and have low outgassing properties.

  • 6 finger Beryllium Copper contact design
    • Maintains electrical continuity with 100G shock and 20G vibration
  • Plating: Full gold plating of contacts for durability
    • 250 mating cycles
  • Current Rating: 60A per contact
    • Voltage Rating: 1,500V AC/DC
    • Maximum Voltage: 3,000 V AC/DC
  • Configurations: single row with 2, 3, or 4 contacts
    • Individually and fully shrouded contacts
  • Mate-before-lock Design
    • Stainless steel thumbscrews enable fast and robust connection
  • Operating Temperature Range: -65°C to +150°C

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