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M5Stack BALA2Fire Self-Balancing Robot Kit | New Product Brief

January 22, 2023 by Mouser Electronics

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M5Stack BALA2Fire Self-Balancing Robot Kit

The M5 Stack BALA 2 Fire Self-Balancing Robot Kit is a second-generation balancing robot that consists of M5 Stack Fire and two wheels spun with DC motors.

The robot base uses an STM 32 F zero series MCU for the main control and includes preloaded software, a two-way encoding motor driver, and a built-in 1200 milli Amp hour battery.

The BALA 2 Fire Inertial Measurement Unit has six degrees of freedom and corrects orientation and position using data from the accelerometer and gyroscope.

The self-balancing robot kit features Grove extension ports, a built-in speaker, a 240 megahertz dual-core ESP 32, 16 megabytes of flash, and 8 megabytes of PS RAM.

This BALA 2 Fire supports conventional Port B and C interfaces, 8-channel servos, and TF cards.

It is LEGO-compatible and controllable by a smartphone or transmitter.

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