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Molex QSFP-DD Interconnect System

Molex QSFP-DD interconnects offer double the number of contacts as QSFP interconnects, resulting in double the bandwidth. QSFP-DD has an extended paddle card with two rows of high-speed contacts, providing an eight-lane electrical interface that transmits at up to 56Gbps PAM-4, or 400Gbps aggregate, but it also has the same footprint and mating interface as QSFP for backwards compatibility.  

Molex offers a complete solution, including stainless steel EMI cages, surface mount connectors, stacked integrated connectors and cages, and a full range of cable assemblies. The QSFP-DD interconnect system meets or exceeds numerous industry specifications and can be used across a wide variety of next-gen applications and technologies.

  • Eight-lane electrical interface
  • Up to 28Gbps NRZ (200Gbps aggregate)
  • Up to 56Gbps PAM-4 (400Gbps aggregate)
  • Backwards compatible with QSFP interconnects
  • Cages, connectors, stacked integrated cages and connectors, and cable assemblies
  • Meets IEEE 802.3bj, InfiniBand EDR and SAS 3.0 specifications

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