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ROHM Semiconductor BH1792GLC Optical Sensor IC

ROHM Semiconductor BH1792GLC Optical Sensor IC is an integrated heart rate monitor IC for wearables and other portable devices. The BH1792GLC integrates flexible LED drivers, photodiodes, optical filtering, and signal processing. It has a high, 1024Hz sampling frequency that enables fast heart rate detection and the ability to perform additional measurements, such as vascular age and stress. The unique optical filter structure improves IR and red light filtering by up to 10x and provides high accuracy pulse detection even in direct sunlight or during intense motion. It can communicate over an I2C interface, which can be used to program LED driver current, and it has very low active and standby mode current for maximum battery life.

  • Integrated LED drivers, optical filters, photodiodes, ADCs, oscillator, FIFO buffer
  • Sampling Frequency: 1024Hz
  • Integrated IR cut and green filters reduce susceptibility to external noise
  • Interface: I2C, Fast/Standard mode support
  • Current: 200µA active, 0.8µA standby
  • Voltage: 2.5V to 3.6V

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