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TE Connectivity KILOVAC High Voltage Contactor | Tech Specs

November 09, 2019 by TTI, Inc

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TE Connectivity KILOVAC High Voltage Contactor

TE Connectivity’s KILOVAC EV600 high voltage contactor is an industry-leading solution designed for high voltages in harsh environments.

Compared to previous generation contacts, the EV600 fits in the same space and has an increased dielectric withstand voltage of 10,000 volts DC. The contactors can also carry more current, rated to continuously carry up to 600 amps and for pulse currents up to 4000 amps without levitation.

They offer bi-directional power switching and are ideal for commercial and military ground vehicles, energy storage systems, power distribution, and motion control applications. TE’s KILOVAC EV600 contactors integrate a dual coil electronic cut-throat economizer to increase low power holding capability, with 12 and 24-volt coils available.

The contactors also have a Form A auxiliary contact convenient for transmitting control signals.

  • Safely connect/disconnect high voltage in harsh environments
  • Dielectric withstand voltage: 10kVdc terminal-to-terminal, 3950Vdc terminals to coil
  • 600A continuous current rating, 4000A pulse current without levitation
  • Bi-directional power switching
  • Dual coil economization improves low power holding capability
  • 12V and 24V coils available

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