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TE Connectivity Custom Antennas

TE Connectivity offers custom antennas using MID technology and either laser direct structuring or two-shot molding.  MIDs can integrate multiple electrical and mechanical functions into almost any shape, enabling new functionality and facilitating miniaturization.

Both techniques allow for 3D design and routing, and for the antenna to be placed on design structures with more space for a larger antenna. The result is improved antenna performance for increased bandwidth and efficiency.

LDS MID antennas allow for improved time to market and cost savings. Two shot MID technology can integrate multiple functions in one component and uses the fewest manufacturing steps and processes. It offers higher yields and improved scalability compared to alternative technologies.

  • MIDs can integrate multiple electrical and mechanical functions in almost any shape
  • Enables new functionality and facilitates miniaturization
  • 3D design and routing capabilities
  • Greater flexibility in antenna placement for improved performance
  • Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) MIDs: improved time to market, cost savings
  • Two Shot MIDs: higher yields, improved scalability

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